Groundclear Robocut
"Super Efficient on the toughest of ground."


My name is Cameron MacRae.  I am the owner of Groundclear.

My background is certainly not in groundworks.  I retired as a Police Officer in November 2015 having served over 27 years.

It took almost a year for me to start Groundclear and it came about by accident.  My home is in Camuscross on Skye and I have a lot of banks of grass around my house which took me about 2 days to cut with the strimmer. It then took me another 2 days for my knees to recover after the cutting.  As a result of this I started researching for a less painful solution and this brought me to the Mcconnell Robocut.

The machine is remote controlled and can climb up to 60 degree slopes when fitted with the spikes.

I currently have 3 attachments for the machine

  • Standard "Y" Flail Head for cutting Rushes grass and other such like up to 30mm in diameter. This head is different to the other two as has fixed cutting bolts.
  • The Mulching Head for heavier items like Whins or gorse and small trees up to 75mm in diameter
  • The Forrest Head for small to medium trees up to 100mm.

Thriving in challenging, hazardous and confined areas, ROBOCUT allows you to reach the parts other mowers can’t reach and enables you to work faster, smarter and safer than ever before.

ROBOCUT is one of the most innovative and exciting products ever to hit the grass maintenance market, allowing you to tackle jobs with confidence that used to be labour intensive, time-consuming and dangerous.

With outstanding stability and a safe working range of up to 150m, this technological allows me to work up to 25 times faster than by hand and delivers an exceptional high-quality finish.

Safety First

Safety is paramount in all working environments and the ROBOCUT reduces risk by allowing me to work at a safe distance outside the danger zone.


The pricing structure for hiring me and the machine is as follows:

  • Weekly Rate (Based on 5 days) £2000
  • Daily Rate £500
  • Hourly £75

While this might seem expensive I can show that it is cost effective as the machine is reported to be 25 times more efficient than manual workers.

The machine also has a light footprint which allows me to operate in soft conditions where conventional tractors cannot venture.